Your kids will love Morocco; ours surely do! And Moroccans love kids.  Whether your kid is interested in wildlife, mountains, beaches, art, history, culture, religion, or great views – they will appreciate the trip through the ancient cities of Morocco. There is a continent worth of excitement packed into this country: beaches, cliffs, mountains, desert, waterfalls, and so much more.

So without further ado, here are 5 places that should not be missed on any trip to Morocco with kids.


1. Visit the majestic Sahara Desert

The world’s biggest sandbox. Need I say more? Our entire family loves the desert – kids and parents alike. We play in the sand, dig trenches, slide down dunes on rugs, gather around a bonfire, star gaze, and ride camels together. 

With one person in your party riding in our accessible camel saddle, the whole family can ride into the sunset 6 feet in the air on the back of a camel. There is nothing more exhilarating for our kids than getting the chance to ride a camel in the desert!  After the camel ride (and some great grilled food!), the kids will love dancing to the fun beat of the Berber drum circle. Kids are often invited to join the music – giving their best effort on a African drum or traditional Berber cymbals called “qraqeb“. 

We truly could have spent a full second day playing in the sand and are excited to return to this magical place.


2.  Feed monkeys in Ifrane National Forest 

For your outdoorsy kids, get away from the city and drive through the massive Cedar forest near Ifrane. Roll down the windows and smell the fresh air of the mountains. While you drive, keep your eyes peeled for a barrel of monkeys and be ready for a barrel of laughs. Your driver will know just where to find local Barbary apes, and it’s definitely worth stopping to feed them some peanuts.  

Afterwards you can roll in to Ifrane and enjoy a hot tajine directly off the hot coals and some piping hot french fries!  Ifrane also boasts a really nice lake and places to enjoy picnics as a family if that is more your “cup of tea.”   

The nice part about Ifrane is that it is an easy drive for a day trip from Fes without huge driving distances.  There are plenty of sites to see along the way as you gain elevation so your kids are sure to stay engaged throughout the hour and a half long drive. 



3.  Encounter wildlife from around the world at the Rabat Zoo

Having been to some of the best zoos in the United States, I honestly had pretty low expectations for the Rabat Zoo. Wow, was I wrong! It’s beautiful, well laid out, with smooth, accessible sidewalks, and lots to see. We’ve now been 3 times, and I think we’ve finally seen all the animals at least once. The animals are close up and easy to see. You can see animals from around the world but also animals native – or once native – to Morocco, including Barbary lions.  

We loved that this zoo has several interactive exhibits, a petting zoo area, and the kids were even able to have a red parrot on their shoulders!  There are loads of experiences and well thought out spaces for kids to run, explore and burn off some energy during the day.  Just about every time we go, our kids are dozing off on the car ride back to Fes!

The rhinoceroses are another highlight, especially if you get the chance to see these giants run!


4. Take a stroll along the corniche in Agadir

Agadir is a great mix of beaches and relaxation.  Our kids love going to the beach in Agadir. The waves are great and the water is warm.  There is never a dull moment on the beaches of Agadir with pickup soccer games, building sand castles, frisbee and even camel rides on the beach.  For families that include someone using a wheelchair, there is an excellent, accessible corniche (boardwalk) area where you can take a stroll together as a family. There are places where you can rent bikes for the kids for them to ride alongside if they need to burn off some extra energy! 

There are also plenty of places to grab snacks and meals along the beach so grab some french fries or a fresh squeezed juice and take in the sun set over the waves – just before bedtime! 


5.  Get lost in the ancient city of Fes

Fes is home to us, and Fes is a home worth bragging over in any elementary classroom. Fessi people are notorious for bragging on their awesome city. Young kids will giggle with glee when they round a corner and see a donkey laden with Coca Cola bottles, carrying them to the corner store. There are bright colors everywhere: pottery, carpets, scarves, and spices to excite the senses. Local vendors will often allow kids to experience many of their goods, even smelling the rich freshly ground spices, and coffees for Mom and Dad.

Fes is a place that is a delight to the senses. Sights, smells, and sounds will captivate your little ones’ imaginations!


Whether you yourself have a disability, or your child does, we have experience meeting the needs of both and are excited to build a tour that peaks your child’s interests as well as your own. We can even consult our mini travel experts for you – at least until bedtime!

What’s to Come

Keep an eye out for our next few blog posts coming in the near future.  We’ll be doing a series of blog posts focused on traveling with your kids to Morocco like a champ! 


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