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Nous avons fait un merveilleux voyage dans le sud marocain avec ses paysages époustouflants en passant des Gorges du Dadès ,aux Gorges du Todra, au désert de Mergouza avec son inoubliable balade à dos de dromadaire,à Ait Ben Haddou en joelette.
Hamid, notre chauffeur hors-pair , a été extarordinaire à tout point de vue.
Très attentionné , très gentil. Il m’ a toujours poussé , permettant ainsi à mon compagnon de passer aussi de vraies vacances .Il a toujours fait au maximum pour que nous puissions faire des arrêts pendant les trajets pour nous laisser le temps de prendre des photos et de profiter des paysages.
Merci à Erik et à Hamid de nous avoir fait passer un excellent séjour.
Nous espérons revenir au Maroc pour visiter Fès et rester un peu plus longtemps dans le désert.

April 2024

This was my first proper holiday since becoming paralyzed, so naturally I was nervous, but I had a fantastic experience in Morocco! From the first point of contact with Jeremy, to my last day in Morocco, I couldn’t have asked for more. I had lots of questions for Jeremy in the months leading up to my trip and he was so helpful and informative with his answers.

During the holiday he also helped me out by making adjustments to my itinerary to enable me to stay in extra night at the lovely Perle Du Dades. The people of Morocco were also so kind and very generous with their helping out. It can’t be easy to get someone of my disability on to a camel, but they did it and that was such a fun experience that I never would have thought was possible! The whole time in the Sahara was a particular highlight. Awe inspiring! I would recommend MATC to anybody of any ability. If one day I want to return to Morocco, this is the service I would use. Thank you so much!

John Jones
October 2023

A couple of years ago, my mother suffered a rare but major illness that left her with spinal injury and changed her life. One of her dreams had always been to go to Morocco but she told me recently that she would never be able to do that now because of her condition. That “impossibility” spurred me to research and led me to Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants. From the first contact with Erik and Jeremy, I knew I had found the right people. They answered all my questions, gave thorough explanations, helped me plan an itinerary with bespoke adjustments, and organized our trip at two months’ notice, in high season, right after the earthquake. We couldn’t have asked for more dedicated service!

We had a superb time in Morocco, with adventures from the cities to the mountains and activities that we could never have done on our own. Our driver, Hamid, was outstanding—not only an expert on the roads but one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have met. With the support we received from him, MATC, and wonderful Moroccans along the way, we traveled to old cities, through ancient souks, into mosques and madrasas (schools), up to the mountains, and through forests, streams, and trails. MATC delivers the highest standard of service alongside warm hospitality and genuine personal interest in the well-being of the client. I recommend them to anyone interested in traveling to Morocco, regardless of accessibility needs (or none at all). They will create a truly unforgettable experience.

Laura Kennedy
February 2024

We had a wonderful family trip to Morocco! We are grateful for Jeremy and Erik turning a non-accessible country into an accessible adventure. From my first email until the end of the trip, Jeremy and Erik were very responsive and put together an itinerary that met all of our needs. When there were some small hiccups along the way, to be expected with any trip of this type, they responded immediately and always came up with a good solution. We have travelled extensively and would highly recommend Morocco Accessible Travel.

Michelle Weissman
December 2022

Our trip to Morocco was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.  Thanks to our driver, organized itinerary with appropriate equipment (scooter & wheelchair), beautiful accommodations particularly in the Riads, and mostly helpful and kind people throughout the journey we were able to enjoy every aspect of our trip to this beautiful country.  Morocco Accessible travel went above and beyond in ensuring our comfort and enjoyment.

Vimi and Sanjay Mattoo
October 2022
Very Happy

I chose MATC as i belong to a FB group called Accessible Travel Club and when I was planning a trip a few people recommended I check with MATC.  Very happy with Jeremy’s recommended tour route. We spent 11 days in total- Casablanca, Essaouira, Marrakech, a road trip through High Atlas to Middle Atlas, Anti Atlas which included a night in the Sahara. A good first time introduction to Morocco.

I walk with crutches and use a manual wheelchair. All the hotels suggested had accessible rooms altho degree of accessibility depends on your requirements. Public toilets for the handicap ie with handle bars are not in great supply in Morocco although I found all public toilets very clean. MATC has a good range of aids one can rent but before going on the trip be clear about your requirements.

Morocco is a possible destination for persons with disabilities with some help of course. MATC are definitely reliable to help on this.

We never met Jeremy although we have chatted over the phone and he was always very responsive to our needs. We plan to make another trip (god-willing) to see Northern Morocco and will be in touch with MATC!

Chooi Hoong Foong
November 2019
Efficient and Professional

Really pleased with this company from start to finish. Really efficient and professional will recommend them. Thank you to Jeremy and his wife.

Sajida K.
January 2020
A Truly Magical Experience
All my friends who had been to Morocco told me I should drop my ambitions to go. Too difficult in a wheelchair. But Accessible Morocco made it a magical experience that I will never forget; the sights, the sounds, the history, the food… After asking me all the right questions they found the perfect hotel and a fabulous guide with the knowledge of how to navigate the ancient Medina in a SwissTrac powered wheelchair. I never felt that I missed out and the Moroccan people could not have been more welcoming and helpful if we got into a tight spot. Loved it!
Birgitta Kronqvist
January 2020
Wonderful Morocco
We had a wonderful time in Morocco thanks to Jeremy at Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants. He accommodated our requests to modify our trip. Our hotel and riads were wonderful. Our guides were knowledgeable.
Rita Bogosh
March 2020
Great service!

My experience was actually very satisfying. My mother had an accident and needed a special bed, Jeremy took care of everything from the very first moment until the very last, worrying for us and making sure everything was ok. It was a very professional and personal service is which he involved himself in order to make everything work properly, even in late hours. Price was quite high but still, the best I could find. Thank you very much!

Tania Piñeiro Prieto
March 2021
Really Customer Focused Company

We travelled from England to Agadir in Morocco with our son who is a bilateral amputee through the knee which means he replies on his wheelchair to get around. This often causes complications in traveling abroad with taking bulky equipment, transfers and excursions.

Luckily prior to travel an internet search found Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants who I contacted by email with a number of questions – they replied promptly and were extremely helpful and were able to offer accessible transfers from the airport to the hotel and a beach wheelchair which glides along on soft sand and even comes with floats so it can be used in the sea – making the beach accessible for our disabled son. The wheelchair was dropped off at the hotel and collected on specified dates and they even came back to make some strap adjustments – They are a really customer focused company who I could not fault and am genuinely happy to recommend.

Mark Hudgell
October 2019
Amazing Trip to Morocco!

I recently used Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants to plan a wonderful, unforgettable trip to Morocco for my husband and I. From start to finish, Jeremy and Erik were very professional as well as thorough in making sure both my needs were met and wishes granted. I especially appreciated how MAT responded to my countless questions in a prompt manner during the planning stage. This company is one of integrity and I love how they actively advocate for accessibility throughout Morocco. Accessible travel and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in Morocco is their passion.

We took the 10 day tour and visited Casablanca, Rabat, Merknes, Volubilis, Fes, Boulmane Dades, Ouarzazate, Marrakech, and went to the Sahara desert for a camel ride. My favorite part of our trip was riding a camel- using a special saddle MAT created for people with mobility impairments! All the various excursions and tour guides were excellent, and our driver, Anas, was terrific.

Anas was not late once, did his best to keep us both safe and happy, and after getting to know us, he planned surprise stops that enhanced our trip. Knowing I love to take good pictures, he stopped at some gorgeous gardens in Marrakech, and knowing I’m an animal lover, he stopped at a place where there were he knew there would be lots of camels. I got to feed and interact with them and loved it. Neither of these activities were in our set program, so I feel he went above and beyond to make our trip special. He also solicited assistance when needed. I was pleasantly surprised about how helpful and hospitable Moroccans are. They naturally want to help in any way they can. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it!

We stayed at 6 different hotels and 1 Riad. Most of the hotels ranged from very good to excellent and the Riad was wonderful. Staying at the Riad was a truly authentic Moroccan experience. Only the hotel in Marrakech was mediocre. Some of the staff was rude, the toilet in our room was broken and the food wasn’t nearly as good as the food we experienced throughout the rest of our trip. In order to save a bit of money, I had asked MAT to book a mix of 3 and 4 star properties, but on the trip I noticed there’s a large difference between the two. In retrospect, I should have gone with the 4 star package.

I can’t recommend Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants enough. They genuinely care about creating an accessible and wonderful vacation for wheelchair users and their family and friends!

Kelly Narowski
February 2018
Highly Recommended

I am an older, handicapped traveler who went to Morocco alone & with a scooter. There were 2 other handicapped people in my group with their 3 care takers. It was a wonderful tour notwithstanding the 7 days of rain (not their fault). Their guide was wonderful and appropriately supportive. The tour owners helped choose restaurants and hotels that were accessible. I highly recommend this tour.

Nancy S.
April 2018
Excellent Customer Service and Responsiveness!

Excellent customer service and responsiveness! Jeremy was very helpful and responsive for my wheelchair rental last month. I had reserved a motorized scooter however it would not fit in the rental SUV and I was able to change to a manual wheelchair. I will definitely use their services again and hope to do one of their southern tours on a future trip.

March 2022
Not Just a Vacation

After the accident, being in a wheelchair and traveling alone with a child was a big challenge for me. I can’t thank you enough, Jeremy, for helping me to achieve the challenge. From start to finish you were so valuable support. I am really grateful for all the effort and support given to me from the beginning to the end of the trip to the whole team. Hassan, thank you for a great time and safe trip around Morocco. I think we liked the desert and the beautiful Essaouira the most. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed everything in Morocco! The hotels and riads were very nice, some were just fabulous. To have a possibility to create together and adjust to your own needs the whole tour in all the diversity that they are offering, to do impossible possible it is just amazing! Great and real adventure, not just a vacation. :)


Urša Urbančič
May 2022
Best Travel Company

We had a fantastic trip to Morocco, I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants were very thorough in planning our trip and catering to my accessibility needs. They were very quick to respond to any queries and I felt I had all the information I needed going into the trip. Our driver Hassan was outstanding, he went above and beyond to make our trip special. The best travel company I have ever dealt with!

James McQuillan
November 2019
Visiting Morocco is Possible for Persons with Disabilities!

We had been interested in visiting Morocco for sometime although we did not know if it would be possible to visit since I use a motorized wheelchair for distance mobility and my husband is visually impaired.  While we are seasoned world travelers, we did not even consider taking such a trip on our own.  Then, we found Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants!  Their support allowed us to plan a trip to Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, El Jadida and Casablanca.  We stayed in wonderful, accessible hotels/riads, enjoyed the beautiful architecture, ate their delicious food, saw beautiful items made (bought many of them), and appreciated a new culture.  Their service of an accessible van and driver, hotels, and guides made our trip possible. Morocco is a beautiful, diverse, and interesting country and we encourage others to use this excellent service to see it!

Catherine Campisi
October 2019

Accessible Tour of Marrakech & Fes

I traveled with my parents, my father (72 years old) who just had open heart surgery ~3 months before our trip and my mother (69) who has very limited mobility. Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants (MATC) was so helpful in allowing them to enjoy tours of Marrakech and Fes. In Marrakech, our tour guide provided a lot of information about the history of the city and the various landmarks we saw. My parents greatly enjoyed the Jardin Majorelle as one of the highlights, as well as Koutoubia Mosque. The guide and driver were so helpful in assisting my mother on and off the accessible vehicle, and pushing her wheelchair so that she could see all the sights. They were also very flexible, in that we wanted to take a leisurely lunch at the Royal Mansour, and they gave us adequate time to relax. It was a pleasant and informative experience of the city, and even though there are challenges to traveling with limited mobility in Morocco, MATC made it possible and easy for my family.

In Fes, we had some delays in getting into the city from Chefchaouen, at no fault of MATC. But our wonderful guide, driver, and assistant were so accommodating. We had beautiful panoramic views of the city from the fort, a nice stop for souvenirs at a ceramic manufacturer, an exhilarating tour of the maze-like medina, a memorable tour of the oldest university in the world (University of Al-Karaouine), and a peaceful view of the medina at sunset. Of particular note, our driver Hassan was incredible. Hassan went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our one night in Fes was comfortable and smooth. He not only dropped us off at the end of our tour in the restaurant in time for our reservation (despite having gotten a late start in the day), he also came back to pick us up to ensure that we made it back to our riad—this was not part of the tour package. Moreover, he even made a special trip back to our riad the next morning, to bring my mother some ceramics she purchased but forgot in his car. Finally, we asked to hire him to take our family to the airport the next day, and he happily made himself available. He loaded up and wheeled all our luggage to the check-out area to make sure we knew where to go; and this was despite our protestations that he had done enough for us already. He was so warm, hospitable, and friendly — we all, and my my mother in particular, were deeply touched by his care and concern for her well-being, comfort, and enjoyment. While we never met in person, Jeremy, our point of contact, was responsive and friendly — I was able to easily reach him for our special requests (i.e. the ceramics) even after our tour was concluded. He was very positive and helpful, so easy to work with. Would highly recommend this company for anyone with limited mobility — it takes a lot of the worries about traveling away and the process was very smooth for us. You get to see a lot and truly experience the cities.

Jing Lan Lee
October 2019
You Won’t Be Disappointed!

If you’re traveling with people who have physical challenges and still want to see one of the oldest and most interesting countries in the world … then Morocco Accessible Travel is the company for you. Cities like Fes are thousands of years old, so western standards of handicapped access are often hard to find, however Eric and Jeremy have found ways to make it all work. From the Medina to riding camels across the Sahara, the vibrancy of Casablanca to the narrow alleys of Marrakech you’ll discover a country with a wonderful culture and history. You won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Fone
April 2019
Amazing adventure!

I cannot imagine making this journey without the helpful planning of Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants and a driver/guide as competent and delightful as Hassan. We enjoyed our hotels and guided tours by locals in several places. I highly recommend this tour company even if you aren’t traveling with a person with a handicap.

Pat Chapman
April 2019
Yes! Really Accessible!

My husband is confined to a wheelchair. From the time we were picked up at the airport until we were reluctantly returned for our fight home my husband, and all 6 of us were treated like royalty. Mohammed, our driver made everything look simple, and easily navigated even the most difficult situations. Use this company. They are truly well versed with all handicap accessible issues. Even the Riyads were perfect. I give them an A++.

Jane Romm
February 2017
Exceeded our Expectations

We had a fantastic trip to Morocco in July 2019. Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants did a great job organizing our visit. Their communication was quick and responsive. They created a wonderful plan based on our accessibility needs, location of our visit, the timing of the trip, and the varied ages of our family (ages 14-74). We were even able to rent an all-terrain wheelchair which allowed us to navigate the alleys of Fez and the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. We highly recommend using Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants.

Joe Bernardi
July 2019
Unforgettable Experience!

We spent 10 fabulous days in Morocco. Jeremy was exceptional in working with us on developing an itinerary. He was quick to respond, had great suggestions, and made sure that all of our needs were accommodated. After our trip, he was also excellent at responding to any follow-up questions we had.

Traveling in Morocco in a large electric wheelchair has its challenges, but these guys did a great job as 99% of the places we wanted to go, we could. The large wheelchair vehicle we hired was great for accommodating my large wheelchair and the huge amount of luggage we had. It was a smooth ride, with great visibility out of the windows to see the beautiful sites.

We stayed in the most beautiful accommodation, including indulgent riads and international hotels. The accessibility of the rooms, bathrooms, and hotel facilities was great, meeting all of our needs. The hospitality of the Moroccan people at these places was above and beyond for us.

The only downside to our trip was that the driver was a little bit new and inexperienced, but we still had a great time with him. The guides organised at each city we visited were all brilliant, giving us great insights into local life, architecture, religion, food, and culture.

Some of our highlights included the fun of exploring the Medinas of Fes and Marrakesh; visiting local cooperatives of rugs, Argan oil, mosaics, and other handicrafts; animal experiences with camels, monkeys, donkeys, and goats in trees; and relaxing at the beach at the beautiful Essaouria (which is a very wheelchair friendly city).

Thanks guys for an unforgettable experience.

Nicole Sugden
July 2019
Accessible Moroccan Exploration

My friend and I are not far removed from college graduation and have an insatiable desire to travel the world on a budget. As a wheelchair user this tends to mean finding creative solutions, exhaustive research and even altering itineraries. Not the case with MATC! Jeremy and Erik really understand what it means to be a wheelchair user with a desire for freedom, independence and exploration. Jeremy took the stress out of the process by helping us plan an 11 day private tour based on a high level idea of what we wanted to see and get out of our Moroccan adventure. From the old Medinas, imperial cities, and golden dunes of the desert, authenticity is never lacking and with the friendly people of Morocco help is never far. We plan to use MATC for future Moroccan travels (next time – the coastal towns!). Thank you to Jeremy and Erik for making this area of the world a little more accessible, ‘shukraan’!

Caitlin Messick
June 2019
One of the Best Travel Companies

Morocco Accessible Travel is most likely one of the best travel companies I have ever interacted with. Every aspect of our trip was so thoughtfully planned and it made for a very enjoyable accessible experience. I was able to travel all over Morocco with my best friend and watch her ride an accessible camel, stare into the Saharan night sky and see the Milky Way Galaxy, maneuver her way through the busy streets of the Fes Medina and trek through Ait Ben Haddou. We had such an amazing and unforgettable time and have completely fallen in love with Morocco because of this trip. We hope to return one day. Until then, we would 100% recommend anyone interested in visiting Morocco (needing accessible assistance or not) to use this company. Thank you Morocco Accessible Travel for an amazing and life changing experience!

Danielle Cales
June 2019

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