Moroccan food is amazing. Moroccans cook with locally grown vegetables and change their dishes based on which vegetables are in season, so it is always changing. Everyone will devour the tasty food that is rarely spicy, but always full of flavor.

More than all that, the kids not only get to eat with their hands and not get in trouble, they get to watch you do it too! (So wet wipes and a fingernail brush wouldn’t hurt to toss in a bag!)

This is our second blog of 3 that will help you travel to Morocco with your kids like a champ.  It is a fantastic country to share with little ones and a plethora of things to do and experience.  So here are ‘5 Foods your Kids Won’t Want to Miss’ during their time in Morocco:

1.  Tagine de Kefta (Meatball Tagine)

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This is just about every kid’s favorite tagine – and a favorite for adults as well. Hand-rolled bite-sized meatballs served in a tomato sauce. Simple, tasty, and a little bit messy. Your kids will get to pick up the meatballs with fresh, hot khubz (fresh bread direct from the bakery!). It takes a bit of practice but these tasty meatballs are the perfect subject to practice on.


2.  Meloui

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Imagine an amazing crepe that is buttery, flakey, and piping hot.  Then serve it with jam, honey, olive oil, nutella – really anything.  That is meloui. Pure flakey goodness.  It goes well with savory.  It goes well with sweet.  Pretty much it just rocks.  You’ll see this as an option most days at breakfast or teatime in the afternoon.  Pour a cup of classic Moroccan mint tea, slap some nutella on a nice piece of meloui and delight the tastebuds.  Kids and adults won’t be able to get enough!


3.  Sandwiches/Paninis 


When you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive lunch, stop into a snack shop to grab a panini. These are quick and easy lunches – available everywhere.  They generally come with piping hot french fries. The 3 kid favorites are turkey, chicken, or ground beef (dinde, poulet, or viande hachee is what you’ll see on the menu in French). Beware that they are usually served with green olives and some lettuce and tomato, so depending on your kid’s taste buds, you can ask to have them left off your sandwich.  No matter how you and your little ones prefer your sandwiches, there isn’t an easier lunch to have during your time in Morocco!  Oh and it helps that the flavor of fresh grilled meats on a fresh panini made that morning makes for a great sandwich!



4.  Sfinj 

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Sfinj are awesome. Doughnuts taste amazing no matter where you are from or what country you make them, I think. And kids love doughnuts! So when you come to Morocco, find a way to get a sfinj that is nice and hot. Dip it in a bit of sugar and delight in every bite! It is well worth every bite. The best news is that they are calorie free too since you are on vacation so have two! Ok, maybe not calorie free but still amazing.



5.  Couscous 


There is a reason that Moroccans share couscous at their family tables every Friday. It’s just that good. Full of stewed meat and vegetables, not only is this a beautiful dish, it tastes incredible. Your toddler might very well eat more than you, if my experience holds true. And you won’t mind at all because they are eating good, hearty and healthy vegetables and meat.  Generally served Fridays at lunch, I recommend requesting this at your riad, where it will likely taste closer to a local grandma’s expert home cooking.  This is a classic, must-have while you are in Morocco.  There may not be a more “Moroccan dish” than couscous – and it is a delight to your tastebuds!



BONUS! Moroccan Mint Tea

Ok so mint tea isn’t exactly a “food” but yum. Just yum. There is nothing quite like Moroccan mint tea. They grow a special type of mint here – actually many different kinds – that give their tea a distinct flavor. It is served really hot, so ask for an extra glass and pour your child’s tea back and forth between 2 glasses a few times to cool it off, or ask your host to cool the tea for your child.  Some people think their kids probably won’t like tea but Moroccans tend to like a little tea with their sugar so it is plenty sweet and usually quite a treat for kids to have such a nice hot, sweet drink to enjoy that makes them feel like they are encountering true Moroccan culture!


A Happy-Tummy-Dance is a Family Affair

These are just 5 of the great foods (and an awesome warm drink!) you will experience here in Morocco. With a menu full of other favorites, your family will all be doing a happy tummy dance together as you travel around Morocco!

If you are interested in learning more about a family trip to Morocco, click the button below and get in touch.  We can’t wait to connect with you!


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