Weather in Morocco

Moroccan weather is as diverse as the lands you will encounter. From mountain snow to the Saharan Desert heat – the weather is a vital component to your Moroccan adventure!

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Morocco Weather

Morocco boasts of incredible weather offering all four seasons

From sea level to the majestic High Atlas mountains reaching up to 13,700 f / 4150 m, the variance of weather patterns is quite great.  The Spring and Autumn in Morocco are the prime travel seasons – and for good reason.  Temperatures are mild, the land sings with wildflowers of every color and the green rolling hills beg to be explored.

Generally, Morocco’s climate is moderate, benefiting from the cool breezes off the Atlantic and Mediterranean. As you move inland, there are more extremes in the temperature.  Winters are colder and summers offer a much warmer experience with temperatures often exceeding 95°F (35°C).  Mountain regions will often drop below freezing in the winter and offer a great opportunity to see snow capped mountains for much of the year.

Take a look at our tables below to get a good idea of the weather in some cities around the country.  These are normative values that will help you plan your trip accordingly.


Monthly Average High Temperatures in Moroccan Cities


MarrakechFesSahara DesertOuarzazateAgadirCasablancaRabatEssaouira
January66°F / 19°C61°F / 16°C61°F / 16°C61°F / 16°C72°F / 22°C72°F / 22°C63°F / 17°C61°F / 16°C
February71°F / 22°C64°F / 18°C64°F / 18°C66°F / 19°C73°F / 23°C73°F / 23°C64°F / 18°C61°F / 16°C
March77°F / 25°C66°F / 19°C73°F / 23°C72°F / 22°C79°F / 26°C79°F / 26°C66°F / 19°C63°F / 17°C
April81°F / 27°C70°F / 21°C82°F / 28°C77°F / 25°C79°F / 26°C79°F / 26°C68°F / 20°C63°F / 17°C
May84°F / 29°C77°F / 25°C88°F / 31°C84°F / 29°C79°F / 26°C79°F / 26°C72°F / 22°C64°F / 18°C
June95°F / 35°C84°F / 29°C99°F / 37°C93°F / 34°C82°F / 28°C82°F / 28°C75°F / 24°C66°F / 19°C
July100°F / 38°C93°F / 34°C106°F / 41°C99°F / 37°C86°F / 30°C86°F / 30°C81°F / 27°C72°F / 22°C
August100F / 38°C93°F / 34°C102°F / 39°C97°F / 36°C86°F / 30°C86°F / 30°C83°F / 28°C72°F / 22°C
September91°F / 33°C88°F / 31°C93°F / 34°C90°F / 32°C84°F / 29°C84°F / 29°C79°F / 26°C70°F / 21°C
October86°F / 30°C77°F / 25°C82°F / 28°C79°F / 26°C83°F / 28°C82°F / 28°C75°F / 24°C68°F / 20°C
November73°F / 23°C68°F / 20°C70°F / 21°C70°F / 21°C77°F / 25°C75°F / 24°C70°F / 21°C66°F / 19°C
December68°F / 20°C63°F / 17°C63°F / 17°C63°F / 17°C72°F / 22°C72°F / 22°C66°F / 19°C64°F / 18°C

Monthly Average Days of Rainfall in Moroccan Cities

 MarrakechFesSahara DesertOuarzazateAgadirCasablancaRabatEssaouira

8 Days

9 Days0 Days3 Days5 Days8 Days9 Days6 Days

8 Days

10 Days1 Day3 Days4 Days7 Days9 Days4 Days
March8 Days10 Days2 Days2 Days4 Days7 Days8 Days4 Days
April8 Days10 Days0 Days2 Days2 Days7 Days8 Days3 Days
May5 Days7 Days1 Day1 Day1 Day5 Days5 Days1 Day
June1 Day3 Days1 Day1 Day1 Day1 Day2 Days1 Day
July1 Day

1 Day

2 Day1 Day0 Days1 Day1 Day0 Days
August1 Day1 Day4 Days3 Days1 Day1 Day1 Day1 Day
September3 Days3 Days4 Days3 Days1 Day3 Days3 Days1 Day
October6 Days7 Days2 Days3 Days3 Days6 Days7 Days3 Days
November7 Days9 Days3 Days3 Days3 days8 Days9 Days4 Days
December7 Days9 Days1 Day3 Days5 days11 Days9 Days7 Days


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